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Cafe Recap: Creative Parenting

Panelists: Josie Olson (Registered Play Therapist and Mama) and Madie Haskell (Early Childhood Education Professor, Mama and Grandma), and our moderator, Lauren Barnes. We will spend the morning discussing some creative ways parents can encourage children to regulate their emotions, utilize problem-solving skills, encourage mindfulness, and deal with that...

A confession: I don’t love breastfeeding.

The Motherhood Collective is thankful to Heidi for letting us share her post today!  Please check out Heidi’s blog over at Notes From Heidi!   After six weeks of breastfeeding for the second time, it’s confession time: I don’t love breastfeeding. In fact, I don’t really even like it...

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Cooking With Your Kids!

The Motherhood Collective is grateful to Momma Lew for allowing us to share her post today!  Please check out her blog at Momma Lew! Cooking with your kids is probably one of the best things you and your child can do together!  So my advice?  Let go of the...