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The Parenting Olympics: Do YOU Have What it Takes?

The Motherhood Collective is very thankful to Lauren at for allowing us to share her post today!   Every two years, nations all over the world come together to cheer on and celebrate the accomplishments of their elite athletes. It’s a wonderful and exciting time and those athletes deserve...

Café Recap: Adoption

Panelists: Jackie Gordon (Adoptive Mama), Patricia Coleman (Adoptive Mama), Kirstin Magnuson (Licensed Therapist) and our moderator, Erica Wolfe. Let’s start with some stories about the adoption process. Jackie always wanted a large family, but did not know that adoption would be part of her story. After an injury during...

Café Recap: How to Write a Birth Plan

Panelists: Katie Page (Certified Nurse Midwife and Mama), Brenda Osterhus (Childbirth and Family Education Manager at Centra and Mama), Danielle Hunter (Mama and Birth Plan User), and our moderator Erica Wolfe. We often field questions about birth plans in our small groups and online community.  Last year was the...