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Café Recap: How to Write a Birth Plan

Panelists: Katie Page (Certified Nurse Midwife and Mama), Brenda Osterhus (Childbirth and Family Education Manager at Centra and Mama), Danielle Hunter (Mama and Birth Plan User), and our moderator Erica Wolfe. We often field questions about birth plans in our small groups and online community.  Last year was the...

Kidz Kraze Consignment Sale – Coming Soon!

  “I’m a first time mom… I need everything…  He has no winter clothes… We need shoes… I love girl clothes, and I just can’t stop buying… It’s all so expensive!” We’ve been there! The semi-annual Kidz Kraze Consignment Sale has been the solution for many! Whether you are in need...

“Just wait…!”: A bad parenting habit I need to break

It started when I was pregnant with my twins.  Experienced parents would cluck their tongues, shake their heads and state:”Just wait….!” “Just wait…you think pregnancy is hard? Wait until you have newborns!” “Just wait….you better sleep now because you won’t have a good night’s sleep for the next 5...