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Boundaries, Possibilities, and the Infamous “No”

No. You cannot have cat litter for breakfast again. No: mommy’s nipple (or eyeball, mouth, hair, ear…) is not a toy. No, the popsicle is only for eating. No- the dog cannot have your chocolate. No. No. No! …We parents say no a lot, and these are all valid...

Recipe of the Week – Creamy Shrimp Pasta

  I love to cook and I enjoy improvising from recipes I find online (or watch on Food Network or the Cooking Channel) to make dishes my own.  One of the super-easy recipes I make almost weekly is for Creamy Shrimp Pasta.  Now, I don’t have specific measurements – I tend...

Why I’m Okay with My Little Girl Wanting to be a Princess

I have wanted to write this post for a while now. I just hadn’t found the time, but early this morning I saw a post that irritated me enough to get me to start writing. The post was called 12 Very Important Messages for Princess Loving Girls . What irritated me...