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Café Recap: Homemade Baby Food

Our chefs: Melissa Kan, Kerissa Williams, and Laura Walker, and our moderator: Erica Wolfe. Today’s cafe is a “discovery” format, with hands-on participation from the audience. In this instance, we’ll be taste-testing! Erica will provide some background information on feeding babies and toddlers, and recipes will be included for...

Café Recap: Taking Care of Mama

Our panelists: Stephanie Fournier (PT, DPT, WCS, CLT-LANA), Jilayne Luckey (PPMD Support Group Leader), Debbie Perdew (DONA) and Lisa Wixted (LLL Leader and Yoga Instructor), and our  moderator, Lauren Barnes. Being a mother means caring for others, sometimes above yourself. Today we are talking about the importance of taking...
Baby-Friendly USA – Standing behind our local hospital

Baby-Friendly USA – Standing behind our local hospital

One of the things we most desire as an organization is to advocate for a positive change in maternal health on a community level. It is for that reason that we are proud to stand behind our local hospital (Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital) in their effort to obtain the...