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Cafe Recap: Toys & Technology

Panelists: Maria Hayden and Jessica Reagan, and our moderator, Lauren Barnes. We recently had a Cafe about playtime and creative parenting that focused on non-media related activities. The goal for today’s mom-to-mom panel is to get the conversation going around technology…not to bash or applaud one way of parenting,...

14 Things Moms Need to Get Over Immediately

The Motherhood Collective is grateful to Brittany for allowing us to share her post today! Being a mom is no easy task; I am one, so I know. But I also think there are certain things we moms hold on to that are kind of ridiculous, and it’s about...

The Problem with the Post-Baby Body

The Motherhood Collective is grateful to Kathryn from Life Spruce Blog for allowing us to share her post today.   I’ve written before about my efforts to lose weight and get back in shape. I know so many women struggle with the same things after having babies. It helps to...