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Because I’m drowning

I never envisioned motherhood to be like this…that I would be the kind of mother I have become. Those moms only exist in the movies, or on the evening news. I dearly love my kids…so how have I become this crazy, raging lunatic? I feel lost in a fog,...

Pregnancy Perspective

  This week I’ll be 30 weeks pregnant with what I hope is a healthy and flourishing baby boy. And, although my body is changing in all the normal pregnancy related ways, I still worry about the life growing inside of me. I’ve reconciled that this just might be...
Café Recap: Nurturing the Mother-Child Bond

Café Recap: Nurturing the Mother-Child Bond

Our panelists: Lisa Settje – IBCLC and founder and executive director of Lactation Health Resources and Mama Terese Donovan – La Leche League Leader and Mama Sarah Doherty Curl – Yoga Instructor and Mama Mauresa Guelzo – Mama and founding member of The Motherhood Collective Angela Weaver – Kindermusik...