Friday Introductions: Meet Jen!

We're joining the Friday Introductions bandwagon, and taking time each week to introduce you to some of our amazing volunteer staff! First up is Jen Douglas, our Grief Support Group leader, sassy, holds-nothing-back encourager, and all around one of our favorite people.

1) Introduce yourself! (name, age, kids? Job?)           

            -Jennifer (Jen) Douglas

            -32 Years Young

            -2 Furry Babies (Matilda is a 9 year old Maltipoo and Hudson is a 4 year old Morkie)

            -Nanny for 2 Wonderful Kiddos


2) How did you come to work with TMC?

-I came to work with TMC after a craft night for Vintage Lynchburg 2 years ago.  I was paired up with Lauren and was able to share about how my journey to becoming a mother has looked so different, as we have not been able to have a child yet.  I shared how it has been lonely as all of my friends have grown their families with beautiful children, that I love, but that I have stayed in the same spot with no children while many friends have had 3 of their own in the years we have been trying.  I had one friend who walked the infertility journey with me for some time but she was successful in conceiving her first time doing injections while I have had to go through 8 rounds and still have been  unsuccessful.  Lauren shared with me that TMC had just stared an Infertility, Miscarriage and Child Loss Support Group.  I went to the next meeting and after a few months of attending, when they wanted to start a second monthly meeting for the group Lauren asked if I would consider leading it. That was almost 2 years ago!


3) How do you take your coffee?

            -With skim milk and maybe a little flavor or stevia


4) If you could pick any vacation in the world, what would it be and why?

-I would love to visit all of Europe. I was able to live there for 7 months and there is so much more to see...but I would have to say I would also love to do a 50 state vacation.  There is so much to see in our country; I would love to have an extended vacation to really take in the beauty of the good old USA!


5) What has been the hardest part about your motherhood journey?

-The hardest part has been not becoming a mother.  It has been a journey that I feel like I have been on my whole life as I have longed for children for as long as I can remember but it has been real for the past 5.5 years as we have been trying.  It has been super emotional, physically demanding, financially taxing, and really hard.


6) What has been the best part?

-Getting to dream about what parenthood will look like with my husband.  Also getting to love on all my friends kids has been pretty great!


7) Leggings as pants: yay or nay?

-YAY!  I am wearing them now.  The only rule is your butt and other areas need to be covered by a shirt or sweater. 


8) Favorite TV show?

-I am a TV junkie so: Breaking Bad, 6 Feet Under, Dexter, Homeland, Shameless, Brooklyn 99, Last Man on Earth, SNL, Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl (I love NYC I grew up in CT), The Real Housewives (My inner sociologist finds it fascinating), New Girl, How I Met Your Mother (Ugly cry when that show ended)...really the list could go on and on.


9) Favorite junk food?

            -Candy or anything sweet!


10) Best advice you’ve ever been given?

            -“No is a complete sentence!”  Still learning this one! 

Alisha Meador

Alisha Meador is mother to 2 wonderful and wild little boys. She has an obsession with all things British, is an aspiring writer, amateur yogi and pretty decent backyard homesteader. She is so thankful for this motherhood community.