Letters from Lauren: The Why

Many know I am passionate about maternal health support and education. But not many know why.

This past week during tea with a friend, I had the opportunity to share how my life has been affected by our culture's quiet disempowerment of women from preconception through postpartum. It's time I share the first part of this story with you.

I grew up in a large family; there were no known fertility issues aside from my grandmother's unconsented sterilization after the birth of her third child. So when my husband and I struggled to conceive, I, like so many women, was shocked. 

Because my mother believed strongly in education, encouraging me to use every life experience as an opportunity to broaden knowledge, experience, and deepen my understanding of the world, when I came face to face with infertility, I did what I had been taught: I began to research. 

Questions and information in hand, I found myself sitting naked in a paper gown in the office of a female care provider. I expected my questions to be met with a feministic cheer... maybe even a pat on the back! You can imagine my surprise when, instead of support, I received an eye roll and a trip to "blood work" without any explanation. No conversation, no questions, no referrals, nothing.

Silence and quiet disempowerment.

She did not equip me with education. There was no empathy. I was simply a number in a slot that day. 

My story goes on…

I will continue it in my next letter, but this was the beginning, the beginning of a stirring in my heart that said, “women deserve more. Women deserve to be educated, equipped, and empowered.

Thank you to so many care providers who have joined us on this journey to improve the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of women from preconception through postpartum. 

Thank you to our volunteers who are working every day to dismantle the false information circulated by our culture that maternal health does not matter. 

Maternal health matters greatly and because of your work women are learning that "no one is alone."

Most sincerely,