Katherine Brown-Austin


Emily Sales, LCSW


Alicia Morgan


Lori Mize, PT, DPT, WCS

Brenda Osterhus, RN, BSN, CCE, IBCLC

Ann Scott

Margaret Flynt

Julia Bradner

Scott Rankins

Laura Smith, MD

Lauren Barnes, Executive Director

Lauren Barnes is in her fifth year as Executive Director of The Motherhood Collective; a non-profit organization committed to “Nurturing the mother to grow the child” by connecting women to their communities and advocating for a societal change in maternal health. With an extensive background in the performing arts, Lauren enjoys using her skills in communication to serve women in childbearing year. She loves nothing more than watching women make informed and educated choices surrounding their arrival to motherhood. A native of Lynchburg, VA, Lauren spent five years in the financial industry before stumbling across the great need for maternal education and support when pregnant with her own daughter, Beatrice. An active member of her community, Lauren enjoys directing children’s theater, cooking, decorating, and a great thrift find. If not supporting local businesses, you might find her on a train to NYC with her husband, Adam, of eight years. She is forever thankful for the original women who dared to dream big dreams and who helped to found the work of this organization. She looks forward with eager anticipation to the tasks and labor ahead.


Maria Hayden, Managing Director

While in her fourth year as Managing Director of The Motherhood Collective; Maria Hayden has worked in the non-profit arena for over 15 years. She uses her extensive background in administration, management, and finances to further the work The Motherhood Collective. Maria firmly believes that the stories of women have power and influence, and that all women deserve to be equipped, educated and empowered. Before her recruitment into the field of Maternal Health, she worked for and served on the boards of organizations large and small.  An active member of her community, Maria enjoys her involvement with local arts organizations in particular in the area of theatre. Maria enjoys supporting local businesses, exploring the outdoors with her husband Luke and daughter Evie, and investing in the lives of those she loves. She takes immense joy in caring for each of our volunteers and every woman we encounter.