The Motherhood Collective offers FREE year round programming to women from preconception to postpartum. This programming includes: 2 evidence-based education programs, 4 peer-to-peer support groups and 2 relationship fostering gatherings.




Maternal Health Matters
Healthy Women make Healthy Communities
In the Diversity of Motherhood


Breaking Stigmas and Providing Safe Places
Listening Objectively to all Perspectives Without Judgment
Protecting Every Woman’s Journey and Story


Unity in Motherhood
Maternal Health Education and Support in and through Community
Acceptance and Informed Choices

Our Birth Story

In January of 2011, a small Café was born. Meeting twice a month, we came together with women from all walks of life. Together we were women committed to more, to beauty, and to our strength to discover. But most of all—committed to each other.

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Surprised at how quickly our Café grew, by early the next year we felt it was time to more deeply ingrain ourselves in the maternal health community. In July of 2012, we re-branded and re-launched as The Motherhood Collective. A non-profit organization with a mission to “nurture the mother to grow the child” by providing FREE evidence-based education and social support programming to women from preconception through postpartum.

With immense value placed on peer-to-peer support we find that offering women a place to belong results in deeper connection to her community. Our programs serve both the dark and sunshiny days of motherhood; recognizing that not all roads to motherhood look the same.

2019 Advisory board


Katherine Brown-Austin
Owner, All Things Common Preschool, LLC

Amanda E. Bowyer
Assistant Vice President
Community Development Lending Specialist
Carter Bank and Trust

Alicia Morgan
Jefferson Forest

Laura Smith, MD, OB/GYN
Reproductive Medicine & Surgery Center of Virginia

Ann Scott, CLC, RT
Founder, Community Voice
Centra Education

Margaret Flynt
Saint Andrews Presbyterian Preschool

Julia Bradner, CD(DONA)
New Life Doula Services



Our Café Team runs our flagship program under the leadership of Café Manager, Anna Marie Barksdale. 

Café Express Team

Our Café Express Team runs our Saturday morning educational program under the leadership of Meghann Cope.

Playgroup & Mamas On THe Move

Our Playgroup & Mamas on the Move teams run our outdoor relationship building programs under the leadership of Brenna Bleaker & Trish Cerulli.

Support Group Team

Our Support Group Teams provide peer-to-peer talk therapy.


Our Communications Team tells our story through word and picture.

Care Bags Team

Our Care Bag Team provides nurturing gifts to women from preconception - postpartum.