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  1. Will TMC go away?

    No, ALL of TMC’s impactful programming will remain and grow.

  2. Will your atmospheres change?

    Yes and no. Our programs will all be “coming home” to HumanKind’s campus. Our Support Groups will now have rooms to call their own in our house, complete with soft lighting, cozy couches, and coffee. Our Café team is hard at work renovating an entire suite and cannot wait to share sneak peeks with you soon!

  3. Will your leadership change?

    No! Maria, Lauren, and our entire Volunteer Leadership Team will remain. Our Board of Directors will become an Advisory Board.

  4. Will the heart of TMC change?

    No. Our programming is simply coming under the HumanKind umbrella. They are excited to help us grow our model of care for this community.

  5. What does HK do?

    HumanKind provides a continuum of services for families with young children. They understand that children’s experiences set the course for the rest of their lives. HumanKind’s services begin during pregnancy as the Healthy Families program educates and equips parents through home-based support. The Child Care Resource Center connects families with infant and toddler care, and Little Wings provides high quality early education to preschool age children. The Family Education Partnership connects parents and schools by supporting families as their children transition into pre-K and kindergarten.

  6. How will TMC & HK integrate?

    TMC will move “on campus” to 150 Linden Ave. Lynchburg, VA 24503 (COME VISIT!) All our programs will be made available to HumanKind’s clientele as HumanKind’s will be made available to ours. We are most excited about their maternal mental health offerings and lactation support! Our TMC administrative staff will assist in HumanKind’s development office and HumanKind will provide extensive services to our team.

    Each year, HumanKind collects feedback from families already engaged in our services to determine what we can do better to support them. This year parents overwhelmingly asked for more opportunities to get together with other families. HumanKind has not been able to consistently offer play groups or support groups for parents, but this is The Motherhood Collective’s niche. By bringing our organizations together, we round out our continuum of services for families with young children.

  7. What is “collective impact?”

    Collective impact is when organizations work together to achieve greater results than they ever could alone.

  8. Where will programming be?

    All programming will reside (aside from our ICN Support Group) “on campus” at 150 Linden Ave. Lynchburg, VA 24503. Come visit anytime.

  9. Why was this necessary?

    As TMC grew to be a true force for change in the community, it became clear that our staff needed the personnel and financial support to care adequately for the organization and their families in the same ways they teach women to care for themselves. At the same time our flagship program was set to lose its residence in February 2019 and the demand for program licensure continued to grow. This acquisition supports our administration in all their needs while allowing our Lynchburg programming to remain for years and years!

    “All parents want the best for their children, but life is messy and parenting is hard. Finding support and navigating resources shouldn’t be. By bringing together two organizations that each reach hundreds of families with young children across the community, it will be much easier for all parents to find the support that best fits their families’ needs. HumanKind and The Motherhood Collective can offer more to families together than we ever could apart. When organizations work together, our families and communities are stronger.” - Ashley S. Graham, MSW Director of Family and Children’s Services

  10. Does TMC still need to raise funds?

    Yes, TMC will still need to raise the majority of their programming funds.

  11. Can I still donate to TMC?

    Yes, any donations through 12/31/18 should be made as usual. Beginning on 1/1/19 all donations to TMC can be made by by notating such in the memo line of checks made to HUMANKIND or the “notes” section of your online gift. (Additional information will follow.)

  12. Can I come visit?

    Please do! Our Open House will be on February 4th, 2019 and we can’t wait to see you there: from then on we will have regular business hours and can’t wait for you to pop by our forever home! You are the only thing missing.

  13. Will the branding change?

    No. The only changes you will see is the HK added to every logo! Like this: