Our Birth Story

In January of 2011, a small Café was born. Meeting twice a month, we came together with women from all walks of life. Together we were women committed to more, to beauty, and to our strength to discover. But most of all—committed to each other.

Motherhood26 (2).JPG

Surprised at how quickly our Café grew, by early the next year we felt it was time to more deeply ingrain ourselves in the maternal health community. In July of 2012, we re-branded and re-launched as The Motherhood Collective. A non-profit organization with a mission to “nurture the mother to grow the child” by providing FREE evidence-based education and social support programming to women from preconception through postpartum.

With immense value placed on peer-to-peer support we find that offering women a place to belong results in deeper connection to her community. Our programs serve both the dark and sunshiny days of motherhood; recognizing that not all roads to motherhood look the same.