Being Known

There are many things that were said at our fifth birthday party this past Monday, but one has stuck with me throughout the entire week: "You only really need that one friend.

Isolation and loneliness in motherhood are real and tangible . Our identity shifts; our interactions change. Sadly, friendships fade. Overnight we find ourselves completely different women, unknown, even to ourselves. 

At the Motherhood Collective, one of our taglines is "no one is alone." The reason it is phrased this way is because often, we feel the opposite. We sit alone in our homes attempting to do "it” alone, while all around our cities and communities other women sit doing exactly the same thing. You are not alone, my friend--you just feel you are.

I wish there was an easier solution to loneliness and isolation. I wish it did not rely so heavily upon the struggling individual. But friends, we must take the first step . We must refute the lie that convinces us that others do not feel the way we do, that others are stronger, more capable, happier, more fulfilled, and more known. 

But when take the first step into community, there is such healing to be found! It doesn't have to look like the pictures in magazines of women sitting around a table laughing and eating a salad. For you, it truly might be one friend. That one friend could change your life. That one friend could assure you that you are not alone. That one friend could bring you back to being known. 

Most sincerely,