Mom Confessions: Food Fights

In light of yesterday's post on picky we are sharing our next installment in our “Mom Confessions" series. Today’s confessions focus on that ever-changing battle of all things related to food. These real-life thoughts from other moms will certainly put things into perspective, and hopefully even provide a good laugh or two.

I lick my son's pacifier to "clean it off" and then stick it back in his mouth. -Rachel

After months of never missing a nursing session, I was feeling really exhausted one morning so my husband took our son out while I rested. I missed one of our scheduled feeding times and woke up from a nap feeling AWESOME. It took me a while to realize the feeling was literally just that I wasn’t tired. It had just been so long that I had forgotten what it felt like. - Libby

I frequently put his favorite TV show on during meal times so he's too distracted to remember that he's a picky eater. On Sundays, he frequently will have Dunkin Donuts munchkins for lunch. .... mother of the year! –Megan

Instead of hearing my son whine and watch him struggle trying to peel the skin off his hotdog, ...I totally pre-peel his hotdog for him. Saves me a headache. –Jessica

 On several occasions I've caught him chewing on the dogs bones. ‪#mamafail -Jenny

 I send my six year old into Starbucks on the regular to get my caramel "macchiato" so the rest of my clan can stay nestled in their car seats. I justify by giving him cash (instead of cc) and telling him money management is an important skill. -Katie

 I regularly let the dog lick up spills and messes from the floor. -Krista

 My kid dropped a fruit snack on the walking trail. I picked it up, licked off the dirt, and gave it back. -Sarah

 Once I let my kid eat puffs off the doctor’s office floor. Builds his immune system right?! -Danielle

 Tonight my little guy had gotten a chuck of sweet potato in his ear at dinner... I took it out and put it right back on his plate. (Husband noticed – it didn't even register for me.) -Holly

I tell my kids what I am eating is spicy so I don’t have to share... -Christina

 Because I make my sons lunch before my own, I will at times eat stuff off his plate before I give it to him... gotta beat the hanger. -Sara

 One of my kids didn't want to eat their lima beans so I put it in their eggs for breakfast. Funny thing, the others wanted limas in their eggs too. They liked it! -Lori

If I am eating and I need a napkin, but one is not in sight, I just wipe my hands on my son's clothes. –Kristin

The struggle is real, folks. Sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to keep your world going round, even if that means letting your kids eat off the kitchen floor or secretly sneaking in their veggies. Do what works for you, mamas!