Mom Confessions: Milestones and Moments

They say the days are long, but the years are short. I think most of us can attest to that. In today’s “Mom Confessions,” moms share their thoughts on embracing (or maybe not) all things related to parenting. These fellow mamas will definitely assure you that you are not alone in this thing called motherhood.

I bribe my kids to "train" them to do the right thing. -Katie

 Make sure you have a plan for the first time one of them locks you out of the bathroom during potty training -Carol

 I dread 3-hour Christmas programs, recitals, graduations etc.... -Wendy

 Say "mama" over and over all day long because I've convinced myself if I say it enough it'll be his first word! -Jenny

I've been re-training my 6 year old to go to sleep in her own bed in her room and have had several successful weeks. Last night I picked her up out of her bed (fully asleep) and brought her in to sleep with me because I needed cuddle time. And I laid there staring at her, praying for the 3 of us and wiping away my tears. -Katie

 Confession: I don't actually like babies very much. So many people told me that I would miss the days "when they stay put and can't talk"...I don't. Toddler life is where it's at. -Sarah

 I like once they are big enough that I don't have to dress them. If you've seen my daughter then you know I let them dress themselves young. -Preston

 I unashamedly count down the weeks of the first year, celebrating surviving each one!! I'm thankful for that time with each of my boys but I don't ever wanna go back, except for maybe an occasional newborn snuggle -Kathryn

 When one of our sons was 12 months old he could get out of his crib and leave the house. The ends of his crib were rounded so I nailed 3 inch wide pieces of wood end to end with an opening at the top to lift him out. It looked like a cage. (He's 15. I'd like that cage back). -Preston

 I leave my mistletoe up all year to sneak more kisses in from my kiddos! -Christina

 After my son pooped in the bath, I used a beach toy to scoop out the poop. This may have just happened... -Katie

 I let my five year old decorate the tree this year, and he clumped all of the ornaments in one place. I didn't fix it or finish decorating it. -Danielle

 This morning, as we were getting ready to go to preschool my son's pants got wet. Instead of getting new pants, I made him pull them down to his ankles and I used a hair dryer to dry them. -Danielle

 I downplayed my PPD to everyone (husband, friends, doctor) because I thought I could handle it myself. I couldn't & suffered way too long in silence. –Katie

I have a hard time taking care of other people’s kids. It really stresses me, especially toddlers. I'm working on it...and have grown to love it more then I once did. –Sara

It’s ok to admit that everything about motherhood isn’t always glamorous or fun. Sometimes parenting is hard, but each day is a new day to embrace the gift of motherhood. So let’s be sure to cherish the moments we love and let go of guilt for admitting there are things we don’t.