Self Care

Our most recent Cafe' Express was on the topic of 'Self Care'. As mothers of young children, it can seem next to impossible to find time for ourselves. Between keeping small humans alive and relatively well-adjusted, making meals and sweeping floors, running budget meetings and after-school PTA meetings...where do we find the time? Should we?

At TMC, we believe, emphatically, YES. Self care isn't an option. It's an absolute necessity. When you feel taken care of, when you feel like you, you're better able to give of yourself to others.

The question then, is how?? How do we find the time? We reached out to author and blogger Jessica Turner. She is a full-time working mom of three, founder of The Mom Creativeand author of the book The Fringe Hours, where she addresses this exact topic with practical advice, worksheets and ideas to help any woman implement self care into their schedule.

Jessica also has a YouTube channel, and she invited us to share with our readers her short videos where she talks about some of the topics that are covered in her book. Below, we've included her video that discusses how enjoying your passions can have a positive impact on your children. To see the rest of her playlist, please click the link here, and remember mamas, self care is least selfish thing you can do.

Alisha Meador

Alisha Meador is mother to 2 wonderful and wild little boys. She has an obsession with all things British, is an aspiring writer, amateur yogi and pretty decent backyard homesteader. She is so thankful for this motherhood community.