Café Express Recap: Babywearing

I had such a great time introducing babywearing basics at Café Express, and we got to try lots of different types of carriers!

We promised to send some links to babywearing resources. This is only scratching the surface, but here are a few things to look up!

Local community:

Babywearers of Lynchburg have regular meetups and playdates and are a great way to try something out before you buy! Plus, there’s a lending library that’s gradually expanding, so you can test things out at home, too.

If you live closer to Roanoke or Charlottesville, there are groups in those cities that meet regularly, too.

Safety Basics:

The T.I.C.K.S. reminders from The School of Babywearing.

Optimal Positioning Infographic from Babywearing International

Where to buy wraps and carriers:

Unfortunately, there’s not a place locally to buy brand new, and only a limited selection end up at Once Upon a Child or Kidz Kraze. However, there are SO many reputable retail stores online. We don’t endorse any particular store, but you could start with Birdie’s Room, Abby’s Lane (located here in Virginia!), or Marsupial Mamas, to name a few.

You may have heard me refer to some online swaps: the “big swap” is Facebook’s Babywearing B/S/T (no price limits), and there’s also Babywearing on a Budget (everything must be under $100). Some tips: Read all of the rules first, and take time to learn the shorthand. As with any online peer-to-peer marketplace, there can be risks, but if you look at feedback and as questions, you can find some great things to try. On the big swap, don’t be surprised if some things are listed for more than $150 — remember most of these items will hold much of their value if well cared for, and pricing comments or criticism are not allowed on the swap.

Online communities:

There are all kinds on Facebook: groups for handwoven wrap lovers or fans of particular brands, local groups, babywearers of diversity, and the list goes on! Babywearing 102 has been a good place to learn, with a lot of documents with resources. However, it’s exploded with growth and can have the drama that comes with lots of strangers hanging out in the same place! (self-described as “premier internet forum dedicated to babywearing”) is a long-established group, but the forums are hosted within their website, not on Facebook.

If you have questions about what you heard on Saturday, don’t hesitate to ask.

And remember: we support and encourage each other, whether we fall down the rabbit hole of babywearing, or decide to forget all the fabric and enjoy our strollers!