Meet The Motherhood Collective© Staff: Liz Cook

Ever wonder who's behind The Motherhood Collective? Over the next few weeks we'll be introducing you to our dedicated team of volunteers. These women are all mothers - once, twice or many times over. While they come from different backgrounds and have various approaches to pregnancy, birth and parenting, each one is dedicated to creating a place where ALL mothers can find education and support.0015 Meet, our fabulous Liz! She's our Webmaster, Photographer and Designer!

Ok to start, this site that you're on right now, would not exist if not for Liz. From the stripes, color and font you see to all the behind the scenes "code", Liz did it all. We are so grateful to her for making our web presence so beautiful, welcoming and FUNCTIONING.

Liz joined us, as many have, by simply attending our Café outreach as a first-time mother. But it didn't take long at all for her to go from receiving to giving back.  Honestly, one of the best ways to describe Liz is "immensely giving".

By trade, our Liz is a photographer. It is her photos that you see beautifully capturing the love between mother and child on every piece of Motherhood Collective promotional material. We benefit from her gifts again and again with each new project.

When she's not keeping this website afloat, designing new products (like our t-shirts she's wearing in the photo above!) or photographing our mamas, she can be found behind the sound-booth on Café Mondays. Keeping our panelists audible can be quite the challenge over our vocal audience of chatty babies.

With dedication, enthusiasm, a constant fresh outlook and an infectious laugh, Liz  has a passion to keep us, "nurturing the mother to grow the child".

Thank you, Liz, for serving the women and families of The Motherhood Collective©.