Recipe of the Week - Mom's Fresh Mint Tea

Mint Tea

So, it's "Mama Confession Time" here at the Motherhood Collective. Ready? *Deep breath.*

I didn't plant my  garden this year.

Yikes, well there it is.  I know you all are just shocked.

I've got lovely garden boxes full of weeds because tending the babies won over tending veggies.  However, last year I planted mint.  Mint is a wonderfully easy herb to grow and once you plant it, it keeps coming back.

So I have tons of completely "free range" mint and I thought I'd share my mother's recipe for homemade mint tea. You can serve it unsweetened, lightly sweetened, or SUPER DUPER (aka Southern style) sweetened.

Photo courtesy of http://foodgirl-sweet.blogspot.comIngredients: A handful of mint - (Clearly cooking isn't always an exact science.) 7-9 black tea bags 1 gallon of water Your "sweetening" preference - sugar, honey, pixie sticks, etc.

To make a gallon, cut a big handful of mint, rinse it off and put it in a container with 7-9 black tea bags. Boil 2 quarts of the water. Pour the boiling water over the mint and tea bags. Cover it and let it steep about 10 minutes or until the next 2 quarts of water comes to a boil. Pour off the first batch into a gallon pitcher. Now, pour the second 2 quarts onto the same mint and tea bags. Steep another 10 minutes and add to the first batch. My mother adds about 3/4 cup of sugar, so that's what I do...because you should ALWAYS do what your mother tells you!

If you find that this makes your tea too strong, use fewer tea bags next time. If it's not sweet enough...well, add more sugar.

So as we reach the end of this summer, see if you can find a little remaining mint, and try this recipe.  And keep it in mind come spring.  If you plant a little mint, it will truly take care of itself and you'll be able to enjoy homemade mint tea all summer long!