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Instagram Round-Up | November

November Instagram Collage

What a special month November was! Our new playgroup calendar kicked off with a morning & afternoon playgroup now meeting on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. We had so many great mamas and babies come out despite the chilly weather! Sunshine and fresh air are good for the body - no matter the time of year, right?!

Our Cafe Girl's Night of Birth Stories was one of the most intimate and wonderful cafe days we have had yet. It was a night of laughter, tears, healing and encouragement. Even the mamas who never thought they would enjoy hearing birth stories had a most wonderful time! And we capped it all off with a pie theme in the cafe. Delicious, homemade goodness paired with coffee - what could be better?! If you missed our Girl's Night, check out a few of the recent birth stories that were shared on the blog.

The last cafe of November happened to also be the last cafe of the 2012 year! Where has the time gone?! We met up for another relaxing morning of Baby Mama Yoga, a favorite! Stretching, calming, and enjoyable... sometimes it's just what a mama needs.

In October, our blog writers shared some of their holiday traditions and plans for the upcoming season. So for this month, we continued our conversation about holidays. How do we juggle visitors, travel with small children, eat well amidst all that delicious food and most importantly, take time to just BREATHE? Here are a few of our favorite blog posts from November:

As always, our leadership team gathered together a handful of times to brainstorm ideas, check items off their to-do lists, and encourage one another in this balancing act of motherhood.

We are so thankful for all the sweet mamas who share here on the blog, join us at our activities, and volunteer to help make it all happen! We love this community so very much.

Here’s to a great December!