Meet The Motherhood Collective© Staff: Mauresa Guelzo

Ever wonder who's behind The Motherhood Collective? Over the next few weeks we'll be introducing you to our dedicated team of volunteers. These women are all mothers - once, twice or many times over. While they come from different backgrounds and have various approaches to pregnancy, birth and parenting, each one is dedicated to creating a place where ALL mothers can find education and support. Meet our Primary Email Correspondent and C0-Founder! Mauresa helped shape who we are today.  We think you'll agree, she's pretty awesome!

0006Without our Mauresa, The Motherhood Collective would not be here. Her dedication to women in our community is simply noteworthy. Over the years, wherever there has been a need, she has served: book-keeper, location liaison, proof-reader, content writer, database analyst, brainstormer, problem solver, party host, blog contributor, group leader, and currently Primary Email Corespondent... the list goes on and on.

On top of the above, she has been raising two beautiful toddlers of her own, both of whom have been fodder for her creative writing on our blog and honest insight in Cafe morning small groups.

Currently Mauresa serves as our Primary Email Correspondent; meaning, if you were to contact us via our main email address, SHE would be the on the receiving end. She'll connect you to whomever you need or answer you herself. She is the perfect woman for this job, since she is one of our original founders and one of the best at explaining what we "actually do". She also scripts our bi-weekly "email blasts" updating those on our subscription list with all of the events, activities and blog posts coming up!

With an Italian directness, down-to-earth reasoning, and genuine kindness, Mauresa consistently, and with a quiet strength, brings our team back to our ORIGINAL vision of Nurturing the Mother to Grow the Child.

Thank you, Mauresa, for serving the women and families of The Motherhood Collective©.


Have questions about The Motherhood Collective? Would you like to subscribe to our email blasts to be "in the know"?  Email Mauresa at We would love to answer your questions or add you to our list of friends!