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Meet the Motherhood Collective Staff: Edi Remark

Ever wonder who's behind The Motherhood Collective? Over the next few weeks we'll be introducing you to our dedicated team. These women are all mothers - once, twice or many times over. While they come from different backgrounds and have various approaches to pregnancy, birth and parenting, each one is dedicated to creating a place where ALL mothers can find education and support. Edi - Director of Social Media The face behind all you see on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Meet our Director of Social Media!

As the Director of Social Media, Edi graciously volunteers her time and talents to bring you the quality information, funny quotes and touching articles you read daily. If you contact us on Facebook, Edi will respond. Need a mama question answered by the Motherhood Collective followers? She'll post it for you anonymously and make sure you get the feedback.

In 2011, Edi was pregnant and her mother-in-law shared a newspaper article featuring our organization. It is fitting that now Edi is the one spreading the news about us!

With an always fresh perspective and refreshing honesty, Edi challenges our team as she seeks to be true to our mission of "Nurturing the Mother to Grow the Child".

Thank you, Edi, for serving the women and families of The Motherhood Collective©.