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Picture Books for Dad

I'm a big believer in giving picture books as gifts, even if the recipient is not a child.  My children have both gifted (okay, and yes, I've gifted in their names) books to their Daddy in the past. There are many options.  Lots of classic books.  Lots of books that specifically target dad.  If you walk into any local bookstore or public library, those books are front and center during the first part of June.

The following two books recently came across my "desk" (which is really the big oversized chair where I do most of my writing and blogging) and I wanted to share them with you, just in case you were looking for something a little bit new and different.

Because I'm Your Dad

If your house is anything like mine, your children know exactly how to play each parent.  And if they don't yet...they will. The relationship between dad and child is unique and different. Because I’m Your Dad celebrates that relationship. Breakfast for dinner? Sure! A rock concert in the living room? Absolutely! Wild and crazy stories at bedtime? You bet. But dads also make other important promises. To go to soccer games, even the ones far away. To carry sleeping children in from the car after busy days. And to make a child feel safe, even if that means checking for scary beasts under the bed (more than once).

The text is beautifully and boldly complemented by Dan Santat’s illustrations. Lots of happy, loving monsters, bright colors and humor done in Santat’s signature style.


But if monsters aren't your thing, maybe something a little more traditional in style.


Just Like My Papa

Remember the scene in Disney's The Lion King?  The one where Simba hunts with his father, and then stretches out with him under the stars for that great father-son bonding moment?

Just Like My Papa reads very much like that.  From the time the sun starts to rise, little Kito is by his Papa's side.  Whether they are dozing from the hot sun, playing on the savanna, or helping the females with the evening hunt, Kito and Papa are a team.  And when the sun goes down and the moon rises again, Kito and his Papa stand guard together, current and future king.

This story has a very warm and cuddly feel, more traditional in nature.  But it's the gorgeous acrylic illustrations that truly draw me in.  Full page spreads of the savanna at different times of day, a giant king and his small son. It's almost larger than life.   (There's also a companion book we love by the same author-illustrator team, Stay Close to Mama)

I hope your Father's Day was a day that celebrated all the special fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and wonderful male role models in your lives.