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Car(t) Seats & Safety

Perhaps you’ve read the safety concerns of resting your infant's car seat atop the shopping cart. (If you have not heard, consider looking into it from these reputable sources here and here). But this is not a rant about that, not at all! It is actually a solution!

Maybe I just never noticed it before, but the WalMart (on Wards Road) has car seat docking stations. These nifty contraptions essentially allow you to safely buckle your child into a universal dock atop the shopping cart. It is safer than resting the seat on the top bars and saves you room in the cart area so you can actually, ya know, buy stuff! See this brief cheesy video showing the device.

Check out my seven month old in her Graco car seat. See how the black and red lap belt securely fastens over the car seat? It is a lot like being in a car when you do not have the base. >smile<

photo 1

Also notice the blue docking piece it rests in. That thing is bolted and welded to the buggy, so it’s not going anywhere either.

Cart docking seat


Maybe these have been out for ages and I never noticed them. Is my #newmomstatus showing? Anyway, you can safely shop with baby while fitting more than 3 items in your cart! Woohoo!

ONE IMPORTANT CAVEAT: the configuration sits the car seat very high, so for shorties like me, it becomes difficult to see the 'road'. I may or may not have bumped into someone driving a motorized buggy... Ummm, oops! So be cautious.



These are probably available more places than I realized… where else have you seen them?