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365 Days to a Heart of Thankfulness

January is often a time for self-reflection, starting new projects and making resolutions. Many of us begin the new year with hopes to improve ourselves. What a perfect time to feature a series of posts on gaining wisdom! Over the course of this month, we'll post interviews with experienced mothers and feature stories written by women about what they've learned, and are continuing to learn, about motherhood. Thank you for starting the new year with us. We wish you all a very happy and inspired year of growth! ~TMC--


Last New Years Eve, I made a resolution. My husband and I had just celebrated our 4th year of marriage and it hadn’t been our best year. We had become parents and while we loved being parents and a family of three, we agreed that our relationship could use some focus and tender loving care. We committed to working towards growing stronger and not further apart.

Pinterest is where I found my inspiration. It was a simple glass jar labeled “365 Days of Thankfulness” and it was just what I needed. It is my sincerest desire that my husband is the head of our home but giving up the reigns does not come easily to me, especially, as a stay at home mom. I’m a first born; typical type-A, control freak. I needed something to turn my attitude away from “my way is best” and “just do it like me” to “you’re the best, thank you.”

I started January 1st 2012, secretly typing one thing I was thankful for, about my husband, into a note on my iPhone. I would surprise him on December 31st 2012; our five-year anniversary. What better way to celebrate? Fast forward to April 30th, 2012. I was 4 months in, a third of the way there and my toddler deleted my note. This was going to be a little harder than I thought. Regardless, I started again. I also started keeping track on a Word document, harder to delete. But, somewhere in the middle of June my toddler threw my phone in the toilet. Yes, definitely harder than I thought because I wasn’t very diligent about updating the Word document. I began yet again and weekly updated the Word document and, looking back, my toddler's curious ways were really a blessing. I had to be extra diligent at this point, forgetting a day only sent me further behind and most days I had to sit and reflect on at least five ways my husband had served, surprised or shown love to me or our son.

I’ll never know exactly how many reasons I had to come up with, but in the end, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to come up with “365” reasons I was thankful for the amazing man I married. We had the most wonderful year. Continually focusing my mind on why I was thankful made a remarkable difference.

Parenting is an incredible gift. A gift that can equally frustrate you and uplift you all in the same ten minutes. Marriage is the same way. I love my son, but my husband comes first. He’s the reason I am a parent. As we start 2013, I encourage you all to refocus and ask yourself: “How are we doing?”

My whole family is happier for it.

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