Salad Bar Parenting: How to Get Your Baby to Poop.

As moms, we have the glorious duty of dealing with doody. Sometimes it comes on a schedule, sometimes it comes as a surprise, but sometimes it needs a little help. But how can you help your #1 priority go #2? Never fear, mamas. I made a list.

How to get your baby to poop:

  1. If you cloth diaper, put most of them into the washing machine. As soon as you start the load, a load will come.
  2. If going to the pool, put a swim diaper on your baby and squeeze their sausage legs into a one piece suit. As you set them into the hot car, you'll smell their warm surprise.
  3. Be sure to run late for church. As soon as you're ready to go, they just went.
  4. Two words: white outfit
  5. Find the only gas station for miles and find that there is no changing table: Gassy lassie.

Good luck, mama. You're not alone.