Why You Won’t See Me Cry on the First Day of School

Why You Won’t See Me Cry on the First Day of School

 So, while I am sad that I might not clearly remember what it feels like to have a chubby toddler hand in mine or a ginormous preschooler hug on her first day of hope is that in their place I will experience my fingers entwined with that of a woman’s as we prepare for her wedding, or the tight hug of a young adult as we drop her off for her first year at a university.

Home Education: Deciphering the Information

As this school year ends, and summer begins; many families are reevaluating their educational plans for next fall.  There is a tremendous growing trend of families choosing to homeschool their children.  There are many reasons as to why these families are choosing this option.  These reasons are not really for me to assume or even discuss.  What I would like to discuss is the ever-growing amount of resources and options for these families.


This is a topic that is very important to me at this point in mothering.  My oldest child is just entering the preschool age.  With our current trends in education, the topic of schooling has to begin very early.  For most of us, we begin our search for the where and how of education around age 2 to 3.  This is an even earlier endeavor for those of you in large metropolitan areas that have very competitive preschools and schools.  My goal for me and my family is to find the best educational option that best suits us for the stage of life that we are in.  As homeschooling has quickly risen to the top of my list, I would like to begin to narrow the sea of information.  I’m sure that many of you feel the same.

Through a short series of blog posts, I would like to take you on a journey through homeschooling.  This journey will encompass a brief overview of different pedagological philosophies, resources for finding more information about these differing schools of thought, resources for curriculum, resources on state homeschooling laws, personal homeschooling journeys, as well as favorite resources of families who have “been there, done that.”  Please join me as we learn the different options that are available.

My hope is that this will help people begin this life of homeschooling armed with information to help them to be successful from the beginning.  If you are currently homeschooling, my hope is that you may find something that makes this path even more beneficial to your family.  If you have no desire or interest in homeschooling, my hope is that this information will encourage you to be even more supportive of those homeschooling families in your community.

As this will be an ever expanding topic, please feel free to comment with your experiences; as well as links to your blogs concerning your homeschooling journey.