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Running on Empty

 The Motherhood Collective is very thankful to Nicole for allowing us to share her post today!


In the event of an emergency put your own oxygen mask on first, and then assist others if the cabin loses air pressure.  ~Every Flight Attendant on every flight

About Nicole Scott

Born and raised in California, I'm currently living in Austin, TX with my superman husband, a quirky 8-year-old daughter, hilarious and sweet 5-year-old boy and girl twins, and the happiest 16 -month-old baby boy on the planet. I'm a marathoner, health and fitness enthusiast, finally an ultra-marathoner, a cautious writer, former teacher and currently a stay at home mom. I'm wordy on paper but never in person. And I'm unapologetically raising my kids to be my mini-me's: big dreamers and hard workers. You can find me writing at My Fit Family and at the Huffington Post.