We Are in This Together


Monday, as I sat on a picnic blanket at our Café Field Trip to the orchard, surrounded by all different types of women. I couldn't help but get misty eyed as I listened to them share stories of parenting challenges, pregnancies, labor and delivery, postpartum depression, desires for more children, the list could go on and on...

As women in this season of preconception through postpartum, we are united by a common thread. We need each other.

A woman reached out to us after attending our Postpartum and Perinatal Mood Disorders Support Group on Monday evening for the very first time. After struggling for years with feelings of isolation she found a common thread in the hearts of the women in attendance Monday evening. Here's how she describes her experience: "It really is terrifying to put yourself in a box labeled alone/flawed/unworthy. I thought I had to be the only person who had ever felt the way I feel. That is made so much worse because I don't get out much. (I work full time but within my home so my "real" interactions with others are limited.) It was amazing to hear others voice the same feelings I have experienced or agree when I voiced them. I feel less alone. And I feel like the weight is shifting. I may not have given it away yet but I can breathe a bit easier. That is a good feeling."

In this month of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness, let me remind those struggling with dashed dreams of motherhood that we have a specific Support Group for you as well. They meet this Wednesday at 12 noon. (see link below) Give yourself the opportunity to experience what the brave woman above has shared. You are not alone. Your story is unique and deserves to be validated. Whether you are struggling with miscarriage, infertility, or infant loss – this group is for you. We need each other.

In closing, let me thank each of you for what you bring to the organization. Your stories remind us why we do the precious work we do. Your bravery inspires us. You are beautiful. We need you. We are in this together. 

With all my love and thanks,