New Seasons........

Fall is upon us here in Central Virginia. The mornings are crisp and the chilly breezes hint at the swiftly approaching change of colors all around. 

In our programming over the last two weeks I have spoken to many of you who are also feeling the change of seasons, not only in the outdoors, but in your own bodies and in your own homes. Bellies are blossoming, babies are growing, for some hope seems almost touchable, and for some anxiety is clinging to them like a never ending Winter...

There are many quips and quotes we toss around about seasons... "It's only a season!" "Everything has a season." "It's a new season!" Yet, it strikes me that with both nature's seasons, and seasons of our own,there are some we adore and others we can only pray to endure. 

So today, my friends, in this season of yours please know that we pledge to walk beside you. Whether you are in your own personal Fall, soaking up every minute and every gorgeous day - or experiencing your own personal Winter, longing for life, hope, and change.

We WILL, nurture YOU the mother to grow YOUR child. In whatever season and in whatever way. 

All my love,