No one is alone.

Our brand-new T-shirts are in and they have been met with resounding applause! But honestly, I don't think this is because of their cute design or flattering fit… I think it is because at the end of the day we long to believe that "no one is alone."  

I think we know that this takes responsibility on our part for the women around us. I think we know that it means we have to be brave and ask for help. I think we know that this means we cannot isolate ourselves. I think we know that we need each other.

We are part of a unique and special sisterhood. One that is bound by the cords of motherhood. Whether we are longing for one child - or have many in our laps every day, we share an unbreakable bond. 

As we near the end of 2015 we are busy scheduling programming for next year. Because of you we are understanding more deeply our calling and our purpose as an organization. Thank you for sharing your deepest needs with us so that we might have an opportunity to come alongside of you in motherhood. 

No one is alone. 

All my love and thanks,