Mom Confessions: Holiday Edition

We're starting a new series here at TMC entitled, "Mom Confessions". Basically, it's a fun, informal way for us all to gain some solidarity in this motherhood journey, because we all know there are days we could use some! In this, our first installment, we share some holiday-themed confessions, provided by some of the leadership team, past and present.

I refuse to bake Christmas cookies with my children. Not happening. -Carrie

In our house, baths once a week is the norm, twice a week is a treat, three times a week is a blessing! -Jilayne

I throw away Christmas candy. All. The. Time. -Lauren

When I clean up toys, 2-3 usually find their way into the trash. -Brittany

Every time we travel to family's house for less than 5 days, I forget my son's toothbrush. And I don't buy one once we get there. -Alisha

My son's first oh-so-special Christmas stocking is full of pacifiers and baby spoons. And nothing else. -Megan

I hid my kids Halloween candy and told them it disappears once Thanksgiving happens. They now have to wait till Christmas candy. -Allison

My kids think there is a toy fairy that comes along to take toys that we don't need...sometimes on walks they look in the woods for their toys. -Bethany

When we receive a Christmas card with glitter on it, it gets read and goes right in the trash. -Carrie

I've told my kids that chocolate milk is only for grownups. It's on the same level as coffee and alcohol. -Erica

We didn't give any Christmas presents to our oldest son last year and don't plan on giving any to either boy this year. Our families spoil them plenty without extra from mom & dad. -Suzanna

Everyday my kids are on Christmas break from school they have played at least 3 hours of video games with Dad and have filled their mouths with whipped cream pretty much every time they go to the fridge for something...or nothing. -Nycole

We hope these made you laugh, gave you a little encouragement, and some room to give yourself grace, mama. You're not alone, even in the holiday bustle! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Alisha Meador

Alisha Meador is mother to 2 wonderful and wild little boys. She has an obsession with all things British, is an aspiring writer, amateur yogi and pretty decent backyard homesteader. She is so thankful for this motherhood community.