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How to Interview a Pediatrician

Pediatrician How to Interview a Pediatrician: Ask the following questions!

  • Can I call you day or night?
  • Who is the Physician that covers on call when you are not available?
  • What are your available office hours? What's your weekend availability?
  • What situations deem that I go straight to the emergency room?
  • Do you have a "well child" and a "sick child" waiting room?
  • How much do you charge for an office visit? How about rechecks?
  • How much do you charge for routine vaccinations?
  • How far in advance must I schedule an appointment?
  • How long will I be kept waiting to see you on an average basis?
  • What are your views on breastfeeding? Bottlefeeding?

A physician's personality and style will probably rank as high in importance as his or her availability and affordability. Your personal preferences and instincts will weigh heavily in your choice.

I recommend you interview two to three pediatricians before making a choice. For referrals, speak to your primary care provider, a childbirth educator or ask family and friends.